Self Assessment Returns - Investment Income - Inheritance Tax - Capital Gains Tax - Overseas Taxation - Trusts - UK Residence & Domicile
Self Assessment Returns
An increasing number of individuals from company directors, to those with investment income and land or property owners are being forced to assess their own income and tax liabilities. We can complete tax returns, calculate any tax liability and advise you on exactly when to make payments and how much to pay.

Tax planning
We are a tax orientated practice that make long term plans and long term solutions for our clients. We try to protect your wealth in the most tax efficient manner, and in the way that best accommodates your situation while still ensuring compliance.

Capital gains tax
Many individuals are caught by capital gains tax when selling a wide range of assets. We can advise you on how to arrange your assets and make best use of reliefs such as main residence relief, rollover relief, holdover relief and entrepreneurs relief. It is sometimes also possible to change legal ownership such as to other family members or trusts which can help you better structure your investment for tax efficiency and protection of your wealth.

Estate planning
When it comes to inheritance tax it pays to plan well in advance and make necessary provisions now. Many tax opportunities are available and the earlier steps can be taken the better position you will be in to mitigate or eliminate any tax payable. Estate planning is often a fine balance between retaining control of your assets and making provision for your future while also ensuring your beneficiaries receive the best possible outcome. This planning requires detailed knowledge of tax legislation and provisions.

UK residence rules
Residence and domicile are complex areas. The legislation was significantly overhauled in 2013 and we can address the issues you need to consider when both leaving and returning to the UK including the effect on your Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. We look at ways to minimise your tax due such as steps to establish non-domicile, the number of days you spend in the UK and the £30,000, £60,000 and £90,000 remittance basis charges.

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