About our values
Client and staff retention
It's important to understand a clients affairs to be proactive, spot problems and tax planning opportunities. You can't get that understanding when you're bounced around between different advisors. Transient staff also need to learn afresh, wasting time, money and often have little incentive to maintain standards.
Work ethic
Ultimately we can't offer the service we do at our price point without it. We put a lot of work directly into our clients, but just as important is what happens behind the scenes. We invest in our computer systems, quality control and staff with a strong emphasis on tax developments.
Protecting our clients
We work for you and not the tax man. This means we put a lot of time into minimising tax liabilities and also understanding issues that lead to tax investigations and proactively dealing with them before the tax man. We're not interested in profiteering or short term gains - every client is a long term investment to us. This means long term, big picture tax planning - not short term or risky gains.